Terms & conditions

1.Booking : Can be made at any time with advance payment.

2. Valid permit orAdvance Payment Invoice and ID proof has to be presented by visitors at the time check in.

3. Each room having the specified number of beds is meant strictly for such number of persons. Only two children below the age of 10 years will be allowed free.

4. Visitors are responsible for loss or damage of any article, caused by them inside the hotel/resort. For such damage or breakage the cost of the articles has to be paid by the visitors.

5. Carrying of firearms or any inflammable materials inside the resort is strictly prohibited.

6. Check in time 12 p.m. / Check out time is 11 a.m.

7. Attendant / Staff of resort will check the articles inside the room before the visitors vacate it.

8. Visitors are requested to ensure that other visitors are not disturbed by indiscipline or nuisance inside the resort. If any visitor commits indiscipline or nuisance inside the resort, he/she may be forced to leave the place.

9. Booking of accommodation is not-transferable. No change or date and place is permitted.

10. In event of visitors unable to reach resort centres on account of natural calamities & Bandhs, the booking money will be refunded after deduction of service charge @ 10% of the booking amount at the discretion of the management. In such case, an application for refund should be made showing the valid reason.

11. Cancellation Charges :

    i) Less than 10 days 100% of the booking amount.

   ii) 10 days and above but less than 20 days 60% of the booking amount.

   iii) 20 days and above but less than 30 days 40% of the booking amount.

   iv) 30 days and above 20% of the booking amount.

   v) No taxes will be refunded. (Check in date included in all cases).

12. In case of loss of Permit and Money Receipt , duplicate may be issued on payment of Service Charges @ 10% of gross booking amount.

13. resort has catering facility and food is available at prescribed rates. No visitor will be allowed to cook food inside the resort. Picnic within the premises is prohibited.

14. If accommodation is not provided due to unavoidable circumstances, compensation limited to book value of permit including taxes will be admissible. The reservation of accommodation may be cancelled in certain unavoidable circumstances.